Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thoughts about P-day

I am here in Reading, Pennsylvania.  It is quite the place. I love it.  I am always inspired by good people everywhere trying to make a difference in each others lives.  My companion, Elder Barnett and I are getting to know some fantastic people, and having fun on the way.  On our preparation day, we get to spend a few hours to do some cleaning and washing and shopping and stuff like that, and I was thinking about how it relates to our own lives.  How often do we clean up our act.  How often do we open up those dark, cobwebbed corners and let in some fresh air.  How often do we go through the cleansing experience of repenting and cleaning up the scum that has accumulated from all our poor choices, many of which were choices of simple negligence?

Let us all take the time, and sometimes, courage, to re-evaluate our lives and restore the natural beauty our character should have.  After all, we are all children of God.

-Elder Blackburn

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