Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick, Easy and "Cheap as Dirt" trip to Egypt!

I really like this picture.  I was driving down the road and saw that there was a town called Egypt, Pennsylvania and I had to get a picture.  I got much more than I bargained for, and there are many many elements of this picture that I enjoy and I think relate to the gospel:

1)  There are always temptations trying to get us to turn off from our destination, and many times they say "it will only be a small detour.  1 mile here or 1 mile there."

2)  There are warning signs of what may lie down each road.  One will lead to a world of flowers (strange women) and the other to a world of cars and houses (materialism).  If we take the detour, other temptations will only get stronger and closer.

3) God has his own sign from the spirit urging us to "Keep off the Shoulder" or in other words, to "Stick on the Path"

4) One of the signs is broken... I'm not quite sure what this one could mean... but it just makes the picture that much better.

Life is a road trip, and God has laid out our roadsigns through his Spirit, scriptures, and modern-day prophets.  However, Satan has also laid out his signs meant to distract and delay our progress.  Luckily we continued on our way, despite how luring it was to go to Egypt.
-Elder Blackburn

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Anonymous said...

perhaps the broken sign is a symbol of the fallen nature of this world? IDK...