Saturday, October 16, 2010

Online Missionaries!?!

Hello Everyone! I am Elder Blackburn, and I am companions with Elder Barnett.  We always go 2 by 2, and we have been together since September 28th or so.  Elder Barnett has graciously allowed me to join in on his blog and share some of my stories and experiences.   It has been a cool experience watching the online world take off, and realizing how many missionaries there are who have a part in it.  I saw this site and was just blown away!   But perhaps the most miraculous experience was "running into" Elder Sabin. 6 months ago,  I was in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. I had been serving my mission there for only 1 week when my companion and I got a text message showing that there was someone in the area who was interested in learning more about the restored gospel.  This man had been online, and had started chatting with an Elder Sabin, after visiting  Over a very short period of time, this man came to know for himself that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was true, and wanted to come to church.  Elder Sabin sent his information to us, and we promptly went to see him.  To this very day, he continues to study and learn and is preparing for baptism.  I remember being so excited to learn that people were being found and taught online.  I never would have guessed that I would actually get an opportunity to have similar experiences of my own.
-Elder Blackburn

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