Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Things of my Soul?"

   For the past several months, this blog has existed under my name, Elder Barnett. But, I have failed to post a single post. Fortunately, my companion, Elder Blackburn, has been very diligent in posting frequently. However, as of a week and a half ago, Elder Blackburn flew home to Utah, after finishing his two year mission. So, here I am, without Elder Blackburn to cover for me, and a desire to share something new, something fresh. 
    I've done a lot of pondering on the title, "Things of my Soul." First of all, the phrase comes from a passage in The Book of Mormon. Here, a prophet named Nephi writes that his father, Lehi, has just died. I do not know what Nephi was feeling at that point in time. Having never had an immediate family member pass away, I can only imagine how he felt. I would imagine that he was thinking about what was going to happen in the future. He was probably a bit lost without the anchor that his father was to. He may have been thinking about life after death, his own faith, and the things that his father taught him. I think, most of all, he was pondering on what was most precious to him, because he then writes this key phrase: "Upon these [records] I write the things of my soul."

     So, with that introduction, this blog will contain thoughts about what is most precious to me. It will show what makes up my identity, and my soul. There are many things that make up my character, from experiences to people, from the scriptures to personal answers to prayer. These things are what bring me joy, happiness, and peace in life. I love to share that with others. And, that's just what I want to do with this blog.

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