Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For the Lovers of Lists...

Thanksgiving is getting closer, and I thought that it would be appropriate to share an example of how gratitude has effected me in my life.  My sister's name is Brenda, and when she got home from her mission in Toronto, Canada she started a notebook called "things I love."  It started with just 23 things, for her age, but then it grew and grew as she added the lists of friends, families, and even acquaintances.  It became obvious that the more you think about the things you love, and the things you are grateful for, the more you are reminded of the "little things" that really count.  It has become a tradition, for me and my sister, to include in every letter and email that we send to each other, 3 things we are grateful for, and anyone who wants to, can add their 3 things too!
  • I am grateful for full moons
  • I am grateful for memories of playing in haystacks at Grandpa's farm
  • I am grateful for those days that we actually DO find that needle in the haystack. (which doesn't happen all that frequently.  Any of the other missionaries who knows me will agree that I loose stuff.  A lot.  I have probably lost a dozen umbrellas in the last two years, but that is another story completely...)
 I couldn't resist putting in this video made by the church too.  It's great, and is a classic example of being grateful for the little things!
-Elder Blackburn

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